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The Glass Shack Art


    Karen Landers

I began my journey as a stained glass artist in my teenage years. I took a class with my sister through the local community college and I was hooked!


I made several large pieces throughout my teen years and early twenties that are still hanging today.  My life took a different turn at that point, college, career, motherhood.  I was a stay at home mom for 18 years and when the boys started to leave the house, I began looking for the next chapter in my life.  Glass came to mind to pick up again as a hobby.  But making stained glass is something you need dedicated space for, not something we had a lot of in our 1980's Carlsbad home.  For my birthday, my three boys (my husband and sons) built me an art studio on the side of our house out of recycled materials...and The Glass Shack was born!  After a short time reacquainting myself with the process and making a few pieces for our home, I decided to realize my life long dream of making stained glass as a career.


Although Stained Glass has been traditionally for windows.  I like bringing the color and vibrancy of glass as art into the home and garden. I have two predominant lines of glass art. 


Art for the Home:  I design and create all my own art and like to add my own creative flare to add depth and interest.  Whether it be 3D, layering the glass or adding different media like metal, I like my art to be truly different.   These pieces can be hung in a window or on a wall.  I am inspired by nature and try to design  pieces to pull you in to the scene.  When working on a consignment piece, I work very closely with my clients to design something unique and to have special meaning to them. I think these pieces really come alive.


Art for the Garden:  My second line is glass art for the garden and is more whimsical.  It seemed the perfect fit for Southern California's drought ravaged gardens.  I started this line because I love bright colors in our garden and found it difficult to get it from flowers and plants until the drought receded and we were able to water again.  The drought may be over for now, but many have retained their drought tolerant landscaping and a splash of  color is still a welcome sight.  While I've designed this line mostly for the outdoors, many of the pieces I sell are purchased for inside the home as well.


I hope you will enjoy my indoor/outdoor art.  I would love to see you at one of my events where we can talk in person and you can see my art up close.  Check out my Upcoming Events page to find a fair you can attend. 

About this Site

I used pictures of glass as the background of each page.  I love the fluidity of glass and hope this website is as unique as the art I create.  I do not sell my art through this site.   It is a gallery of the art I can and have created.  If you are interested in purchasing something, please visit the Upcoming Events page to find an Art Fair in your area.  Or contact me through the contact page or email me at .

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